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Optimizely · Designer

Mar 2014 – Jun 2015


Optimizely is an A/B testing tool operating primarily in the B2B space with over 5,000 customers worldwide testing their marketing and e-commerce websites. I led the design of two high-impact product marketing campaigns: 1. Stats engine (a new statistical model powering A/B tests), 2. Optimizely for mobile (A/B testing for mobile apps).

Responsive Web · Ebook Optimizely Stats Engine

Stats Engine is a patented statistical framework for A/B testing that makes Optimizely the first in the market to provide always-valid experiment results, eliminating the wait to check results and the need to set sample sizes. I was the design lead for this educational campaign.

↗  Design landing page for Stats engine campaign
     →  Over 7,000 pageviews in the first two days of launch
↗  Design ebook that explains stats changes
↗  Create accompanying assets for email, ads, etc.


This project's success was dependent on content marketing and design having cross-functional collaboration! Content and design worked together closely to define the campaign.

Understanding why existing users should care about how Optimizely has solved a huge statistical problem for A/B testing helped inform content creation.

Responsive web Optimizely for Mobile Apps

Back in late 2014, Optimizely launched a new product: A/B testing for native mobile apps. The product was still in beta, so the goal of the initiative was to get as many beta signups as possible for early product feedback and make the setup process quick and easy.

↗  Design signup page for Optimizely for Mobile product
     →  Successfully reached signup goal
↗  Improve onboarding flow for setup
↗  Improve page performance (created gif animations)

Previous onboarding flow ↓

Improved onboarding flow ↓

Brand · Illos Optimizely concepts and one-offs

Some things I've made on the side or as part of concepting while at Optimizely.

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